Soft Spots In A Graveyard

by The Sleeping Shadow

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released October 5, 2016



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The Sleeping Shadow Aberdeen, South Dakota

The Sleeping Shadow is a hardcore punk band from Aberdeen, SD. Sometimes, it's cold here. And sometimes it's dark. Sometimes I work.

Hobo thumps his skin.
Slax plucks her b-tar.
Jerb strums his 6.
Slax and Jerb yell at each other while Hobo bites himself.
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Track Name: Donny Trump: Messiah 2016
isn't it a shame and Is it worth the time you cut out the heart and wait for the body to die can it live through this will it sustain human life how could you be so aloof how could you sleep at night you're a Big Big man with a Big Big tan you're going to hear what you want to hear i'm going to say what I want to say at the end of the day we've been waiting for a man a man with a plan a man with the tan that can save us all
Track Name: I'm Tired Of All These Fucking Vampires
they take what they want from those who live their lives awake and aware thieves dwelling in darkness feeding digging their claws deep in the heart of the innocent no light no heart i'm tired of all these fucking vampires dragging us into the shadow fields can you even stand to stand in the light and we try to navigate the world around us with hope and light while you hang n like a vulture parasite mimicking what we love look in the mirror are you even there there's no light at the end of the tunnel you are digging your own grave
Track Name: I Hear Things End In My Mind All Of The Time
in a grave without a name it lies there til it's time a grave with a face a face with no name that waits for the sun that waits for the son i hear things end in my mind all of the time your voice is a death rattle your face is a shrine a scream against the glass is all that I ask i heard things end in my mind all the time laying in a bed
with no one by your side but Death she comes in a shriek you speak to her every day every day you wake there's a way about her and she wants you and you're in love she comes in a shriek like a Banshee
Track Name: Gnashing Teeth
the machine dominated everything and killed you discretely with only a hint of shame and much efficiency who's blood will be next to soil the earth tiny hands plugged into a teevee set it's blade gleams cackling in the light as it devours another generation
Track Name: Convenience Is A Powerful Drug
your soul is rubbed raw by the path of least resistance apathy the road you're buried beside your mind is a blank slate hanging on a broken wall in an abandoned school convenience is a powerful drug she said hide behind your white picket fence the television will never leave your side pacify the have and the have-nots are marching towards a numb death work buy consume die
Track Name: Digital Dancing! Digital Style! Hey! Look! It's Nothing
feel the shake see the lights there's nothing there that you need it's empty waste time dissolving in your hands but you need it all the while there's no one there at the end of the line there's no love in the screen symbols and signs to pacify your mind as you slowly pass away there's nothing to sat to the patterns but you love to see the numbers climb and you need it just a little hit while the whole world passes by you're no one no one's there
Track Name: Pantry Raid
the screams grow louder turn up the radio all the programmed voices bringing their ideals to a head war comes to the neighborhood carrying weapons of opinion division and distraction the new atom bomb one night i dreamt of a just and kind world we cut off the hand and fed each other love we learned peace from our hearts humans aren't born to fear aware awake devout alive singing in unison we weren't born to die we weren't born to kill